I am

Like every kid after watching the 2003 Cricket World Cup, I dreamed of becoming a Cricketer. But as it was the decade of Computers moving ahead in school most of us shared the same ambition of becoming Computer Engineers. Trying to be different and just to make life complicated I choosed to study Electronics and Telecommunications.Then during Engineering there were songs like " रे कबीरा मान जा, आजा तुझको पुकारे तेरी परछाइयाँ "which made a deep impression of carrying a DSLR and traveling the World.And unlike in movies carrying a DSLR and traveling the world is just a fairytale dream when you have to clear 8 semesters of Engineering in real life.

After Engineering I took a Job in IT, spent my entire first salary to buy a DSLR. That DSLR gave me a different perspective and with that perspective, I explored almost entire South India while working in Chennai. With that broader perspective and hunger for new learnings and experiences, I felt the need for a bigger stage for bigger dreams. And now here I am in Germany living the DREAM!

While chasing different dreams and goals in different phases, Life has offered me different roles and identities. "I am Ironman !" the way it had been said, if I have to choose a single identity for a situation wherein life puts Thanos in front of me, I would say "I am Punekar"

It is all about the Journey

आजा तुझको पुकारे तेरी परछाइयाँ , रे कबीरा