It all began with a simple Hello World. I entered the world of coding back in 2010 starting with C, C++. Also for some Micro Controller Projects during Engineering I have printed Hello World on LED displays using Embedded C. And then while working in IT came across Hello World in COBOL on Mainframes which is older than C.Now here in Germany it feels almost magical with Hello World in Python.

Have learned and worked with Backend Technologies I was always curious about exploring the Frontend. Afterall however complex logic being developed at the Backend it is always the Frontend that attracts the User. This quarantine period gave me the time and patience to explore Full Stack Web development connecting frontend and backend combining all together every logic behind all the Hello Worlds. Although today we have ready to use tools, apps and templates to develop a website, I have used pure coding behind every pixel that appears on this website. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript in the frontend and Python Django organizing the entire website in the Backend.The entire code developed in Python Django is placed in my Github repository. Django website is hosted on, it is a very good platform for hosting websites built in Python web-frameworks.