A Beautiful relation Locked-Down

Dear Srishti ,

We might not be celebrating your Birthday in 'Prague' as it was planned like many other events in 2020 but let me tell you your presence and existence makes today a very positive and cheerful day for me.With the limited resource of Tea Powder that i have here , I had one extra cup of Tea today to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

Life is very short and in this short life again we have to deal with these pandemics.So it is very important to cherish , celebrate and value each and every day , every relation , each and every dream. This is just to tell you that you are brave enough to leave a 9 to 5 job and go for higher studies in Germany.It takes alot making such decesions in life wherein people are busy settling down we have to rise up.We have just got one life so why settle down when we can rise up.Its hard to leave SB road I can understand but taking up this new challenge will give you better stories than just dealing with the Sinhagad Road Traffic.This global platform will challenge your true potential.

Talking about chennai , if you remember my last day at the airport.I should have been happier instead I was in tears , I felt guilty of leaving Chennai before you.That was one of the toughest departures I had in life.But out of that Experience I have come up with my own philosophy that people accompanying you till the Airport Departure terminal are your constants and they will never leave you.

Chennai was tough , we have had our own struggle dealing with challenges we faced in this city.However difficult it was , I can never thank Chennai enough for the wonderful people it gifted me.

I still remember the evening at Thiruvanmiyur bus stop , where we were discussing about the tough days coming up with a solution that"This too shall pass away and One day we will be discussing about it with a smile in Pune."Let us make this a general solution dealing with all the tough times life has to offer us ," One fine day we will be sitting in some cafe on FC road or JM road discussing about it with a smile."

Our bucket lists are full with European destinations and this uncertain year have delayed and disturbed alot of things we planned.Your arrival delay has created a vaccum of your presence , your strength , your radius of happiness around me.I have my eyes on Frankfurt Airport.On your birthday , More than you I wish for me that AI125 takes off soon carrying our own Captain Marvel.

2020 is Temporary , it shall pass away . Think about our convocation day ahead in Heidelberg.What a proud and beautiful moment it will be.Not sure whether it will be with or without face-masks but let us be strong and persistent now to make our convocation day a beautiful memory to be cherished for lifetime.

Happy Birthday Srishti !!! See You Really very Soon !!!