May 29, 2020, 12:25 p.m.

Sachin Dukale

FrontEnd Developer

If you could break any world record which one would it be during this lockdown?
Sachin : To grow the longest beard and moustache

What’s a story – from a book, a movie, an article, a conversation – that you’ve been gripped by recently? Why did it capture you?
Sachin : The rudest book ever by Shwetabh Gangwar

What will be your New Normal Post Quarantine ?
Sachin : QurantineBeard

Coffee or Tea?
Sachin : both may be. Depends upon mood.

What would the title of your Autobiography be?
Sachin : Daydreamer

What would be the most surprising scientific discovery imaginable?
Sachin : Time travel and DNA enhancement for humans

Describe your Quarantine with a Movie Name or Rewrite movie titles so they would follow quarantine regulations.
Sachin :

Do you think the situation is acting as a social leveller, or making inequalities more apparent? Is this Social distancing bringing us together since we are all fighting a common enemy ?
Sachin : Not really actually. I believe, though we are living in a same world but our universes are very different. For some people, this corona is "kya yar it's so boring and kuch karne ko nahi hain(even after netflix and chill)" where as for some this is the worst part of their life as they are constantly worrying about "Shaam ki roti kaha milegi" or"kab ghar pohchenge". Not everyone is fighting to corona, some are fighting for "2 waqt ki roti" or "fear of future". Equalities will be more apparent after this.

If you could write a letter to yourself in future , what would you say?
Sachin : You have come this far. Stay strong. Stay positive.

What do you hope we all learn or take away from this experience?
Sachin : Nothing is permanent. Everything is just a matter of time. Keep Hustling.Keep moving.

What keeps you motivated during tough times ? As a leader How would you motivate people around you ?
Sachin : motivational songs and movies.

Just think about one day at a time. Plan it and execute it. Feel the joy of achieving small things. Let achieving small targets be your short term goal. Once you do that then setting and achieving targets will be piece of cake.

What is your Philosophy of Life for the world as an inspirational quote ?
Sachin : Stay Strong. Life is unfair. Keep Pushing.